Meet the Team




Teshawna is a born-and-raised Vancouverite with high standards and endless ambition. At the age of 19, she entered her first karaoke competition. The rush of being on stage and performing was addictive; combined with the warmth of the community, karaoke quickly became her lifestyle. 

In 2014, she was crowned KWC Canada's National Ladies' Champion and went on to Stockholm, Sweden where she placed in the Top 10 in the World. When Teshawna arrived back in Canada, she decided that she wanted to bring an incredible karaoke experience to other people. At the beginning of 2015, Triumph Entertainment was born




Born and raised in Toronto, Cessie has always had a passion for music and dance. She performed hip hop and burlesque, as well as sang with a glee group for a couple of years. She originally met Teshawna at a previous job, and they bumped into each other at a karaoke night a few years after. When Cessie heard that Teshawna was hiring, she decided to join the Triumph Entertainment team as a karaoke host. Now she gets to sing and bring the joy of music to others on a regular basis!